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Re: UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths

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I can imagine T'Ser must feel... simply shattered by the weight of what she has just done.
Yeah, she's more than a little conflicted right now.

Thanks for commenting!

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Wow. Just wow.

Where to start. First, I love the relationship you're developing between Pava and T'Ser. It is unique and very different from Pava's relationship with Donald, and entirely distinct from T'Ser's relationship with Joseph.

Another thing I liked very much is how ... detached (for lack of a better word) ... and how "technically" you portrayed the entire confrontation, but especially the use of the Alpha Weapon. The simplicity of the narrative and the almost rote aspect of the crew's actions very effectively set in high relief the import of the acts themselves and, in a very interesting way, actually emphasized the emotional impact on the players.

I read it through twice and was affected quite strongly both times.

Well done, as always.
I'm glad that came across. I wanted to convey how easily these Dominion War veterans revert to their wartime experience, going in to a kind of 'autopilot' where combat is concerned.

They may feel regret at their actions later, but in the moment they're very effective killers. The Klingons would be proud.
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