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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

The physical elements might have been correct in their proportions, but these elements could be distorted on computers. This happens frequently with models where photoshoppers distort the Human form.

This distortion is visible in the screen shot. The deck pieces have been extended. In the original SD shot, the edges of the pieces fall within the beam. In the new shot, the edges of the pieces, especially for Deck 5, considerably falls outside the beam. The beam is the width of the hole.

Another thing missing is the green tractor beam from the Borg ship. If they are honoring the original intentions of the artistic team, why did they then remove this beam? It established that the Enterprise was helpless as a section of its hull was removed.

As for the cutting beam, it was used to cut the hull to a certain depth. When the beam had completed its task, the beam was turned off and a grappling beam was then turned on to take a sample of the starship's hull.

Personally, I felt that the portrayed segment was smaller than dialog indicated, and that there was no effort made to depict the crew people who were trapped in that segment.

Worf: "Coming in, sir. Sections twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine on decks four, five, and six destroyed."
Picard: "Casualties?"
Worf: "Eighteen were in those sectors and are missing."

In my mind, I imagine a larger section of the hull removed, with people trapped. I] think this could have been depicted with small models of Humans in the section.
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