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Season's Greetings! Early TOS & TAS toys and-

Whatever your age, for the purpose of this thread you're a kid in the 1960s or 1970s. There is no TMP yet. There are maybe a few accurate prop replicas at the very, very few conventions, but you're too young to even think about attending. Your nickels and dimes instead go to Bazooka Joe or MAD magazine.

So what do you want for holiday gifts? (Or what did you get in reality?) Remember that the selections are few in these early days. The AMT Enterprise model? The ViewMaster packs? The fantastic TRACER GUN? (Surely canon -- we just never happened to see anyone shooting colored plastic discs on-screen; pennies will work just as well if you run out. WARNING: all Tracer disks eventually disappear beneath mom's piano.)

Or the Gold Key comic books? James Blish's latest short story adaptations? Or a Trek coloring book, the Trek Magic Slate (FUTURISTIC!) or the Kenner Easy-Show projector with Trek slides? Or perhaps something from that new upstart, Lincoln Enterprises?

Or far, far better yet, what early Trek toy did you make yourself?
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