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actually it works that way a lot. Resettlements happen all of the time. Borders change constantly.
How many involved kidnapping?

I also seem to recall in some cases the people doing so WERE KICKED OUT!

As a student of history, I find it amusing when people claim that there's something inviolable about land rights or land claims,
Well I guess sovereignty is a total crock then, so India should just go beg the British to come back and Poland and everywhere else the Nazis took over should just go crawling back to Germany.

Oh and I guess Africa should be just so grateful to Europe too

when they actually shift all the time. And for much LESS good reasons than there were to do so here.
Gee, that a good justification, less moral people did so you should do it too.

Heck, Picard was willing to do a forceable relocation in "journey's end" just for a peace treaty that wasn't likely to last. But he's not willing to do it here to give medical benefits to billions.(and I know the difference is that one group was officially citizens, but that's NOT the basis Picard used in that episode, he actually used "greater good" as the justification.)
So the MAJOR difference that makes the federation look like an imperialistic jackass should be ignored

Again, the Baku are not native to the planet, they are in UFP territory,
You mean the power that didn't even exist yet when the Baku moved there.

I guess the Baku should have checked with the Vulcan, Andorians, and Tellerites (who were probably busy shooting at each other), or the humans (who would probably put them on a show trial and then have their drugged soldiers gun them down or whatever the usual verdict in the setting Q was simulating in Encounter at Farpoint called for) before moving into an area that was outside of their spheres of influence back then.

and the Son'a have as much right to the planet as the Baku.
Which is between the Son'a and Baku, which is why crazy admiral guy called the whole thing off. Hell the federation didn't even know about that.

At first they just seemed to think they were teaming up with a thuggish empire they may or may not have been at war with to relocate a pre-warp culture so they can devastate the planet they were living on.

Not exactly what the good guys do in Star Trek is it, Especially what with the whole Prime Directive thing that tends to be designed TO PREVENT THAT!

There really is no reason to argue against removing the Baku unless you hold to the absurd position that "finders keepers" is somehow an absolute principle and that property rights/land rights can't be violated even for a vastly greater good. In short, an absurd position.
And yet if the government takes your stuff they kind of have to pay for it. And they also HAVE TO LET YOU KNOW THEY ARE DOING IT!

And no just finding out a foreign government whose first encounter with you is catching them pretty much spying on you then plans to kidnap you DOESN'T COUNT.

And no the federation probably wasn't going to share any of the particles with the Baku what with the way the kidnapping was presented and the whole restoring their natural course of evolution or whatever admiral wants to play god was going on about.

and no you don't get to ignore the point because it makes the side you support look bad.
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