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Re: Two and a Half Men star calls show 'filth', wants us to stop watch

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This kid isn't any kind of a soldier. Soldiers obey orders and respect the chain of command. They don't turn into fuckin' whiners.
Onward Christian Whiner...

Seriously. He's unsettled enough to claim the show is filth, that people shouldn't watch it, that he doesn't want to work there, but instead of talking to Chuck Lorre and standing by his principles, he changes his mind and keeps pocketing his paycheck. In the words of Jonas Nightingale, "You don't want to see them suffer, but you want to keep their money. Gee, Gidge, what's a girl to do?"
He better keep collecting those checks because he's made himself unemployable in Hollywood when his current show ends.

As far as the kid goes, yes we all make mistakes but he's in a high profile position making more money than a normal person could ever use in an economy where many, many people are struggling. At nineteen, if he was thinking these thoughts, he should've pulled back and thought through the possible ramifications of his actions. It's what adults are suppose to do.
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