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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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The Borg cutting scene doesn't look bad at all, just because it's different doesn't mean it's bad imo.
Different? It's completly illogical

There is stuff pulled out of the hull where no hole is there for, because the hole too small for that (the width of the beam shows the actual diameter of the hole and the pulled out element overlaps that beam):

Wow....that is insanely BAD. They sized the deck element incorrectly. Good LORD. When I mentioned the issues with the VFX to Mike Okuda on twitter, he said "Not true, the VFX are EXCELLENT!". Excellent, the man said. This is far from excellent. This is preposterous.

CBS should definitely remaster this Season on their own. This is really quite a mess and should not be left like this.
I think people are mis-understanding the shot. Look at the original shot, the hole and the section of hull being removed are the same size (you can compare the lines on the surface of the saucer). The saucer and removable section were shot in one take, it's not possible for that removable piece to be bigger than the hole because it was literally taken from it.

What's likely to be confusing people is that in this exact frame, the moving cutting beam isn't very visible on the right-hand side of the hull section. It'll probably look fine in motion.
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