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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Its not really the human/vulcan conflict that i dislike. It fits the context since the Vulcans are humanities first encounter and prologed contact with an alien species there is bound to be some mistrust and misunderstanding of motives. I do believe the Vulcans not sharing their tech is their version of prime directive plus we humans usually do place higher value on the things that we attain/create through our own efforts than when we have stuff handed to us on a platter (its surprising Archer doesnt seem to understand that)

Also there was a fair amount of verbal sparring occuring in TOS mainly between Spock and McCoy but Kirk and the others occasionally got in there too and Enterprise is set before TOS. So the mild conflict that does occur between Vulcans and humans is perfectly fine and gives the show a more interesting twist than if everyone got along.

The part that i dislike is that i think Archer takes things a step too far. Whilst he does have a reason to dislike the Vulcans (their witholding tech and info prevented his father from realising his dream) that doesnt give him any excuse to be so openly hostile and contemptuous in his behaviour towards the individual Vulcans that he encounters.

Threatening to knock people on their a$$ and his taunting of the male diplomat over raising his voice just comes off as petty. That scene where he threatens T'Pol because she 'withheld information' makes him look like a petulant child. She didnt inform him before because she didnt realise the information was relevant to their mission and imh interpretation of T'pol in that scene the slight but noticeable hesistation before revealing the information was because she was still unsure that the info was relevant to the situation at hand or was just gonna send them off on a possible wild goose chase and waste valuable time.

Despite being against the mission she never tries to sabotage it and does her best to help Archer fulfil it despite him treating her with barely concealed contempt and even open hostility at times. Imho the writers miscalculated here as the motivation given for Archer's dislike of Vulcans does not justify the amount of hostility and contempt he displays toward those Vulcans he interacts with.
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