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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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I was speaking of comics history not adaptations. As for evidence - WW going from superpowered Amazon to non-powered kung fu fighter and back again, the many-more-than-nine-lives versions of Selina Kyle, and, Donna Troy anyone? Just to name a few.
Okay, but your premise was that it happened more with female characters than male. It doesn't count as evidence if you only give female examples -- you need to prove they outnumber the male examples by a statistically significant margin. Green Arrow's been through a number of reinterpretations. Guy Gardner spent a few years as Warrior instead of Green Lantern, one of many ridiculous '90s retools of various superheroes. Superman split into Red and Blue halves with electric powers for a while. Spider-Man had his black costume period, and his period as an "out" hero and Tony Stark's protege. I think there was a time when Dr. Strange lost his Sorceror Supreme title, or at least became a more conventional superhero for a few years. Heroes of both sexes get retooled plenty.
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