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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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It would be great if CBS-Digital were allowed to go back and revamp Season 2 at the end of the project, but I doubt the CBS parent company will allow that. We'll be stuck with this mess for the long haul.
Why is it so inconceivable that CBS would later release a "re-remastered" S2 set sometime down the road? There's ample recent precedent for studios remastering botched BD releases (from multiple studios: The Fifth Element, Gladiator, The French Connection, and Patton come to mind). I'm not saying there will be a recall or even a trade-in offer (I agree both are unlikely, but if CBS did do a trade-in they would gain goodwill but probably have relatively few takers), but if a re-release will goose sales, and the work isn't prohibitive (it's not like they have to recover and rescan the elements again, and CBS-D could probably reuse many of their S1 assets), why wouldn't CBS do it? They sell more sets and get adulation from grateful fans at the same time. It's called making lemonade from lemons, and no place does it better than Hollywood. And IMHO CBS's handling of the S1 audio issue was impeccable, so they clearly DO care (or this project wouldn't be happening at all). Unfortunately that didn't happen at the project management or quality control stages for either S1 or S2.

I for one am simply passing on this release. I agree with those that simply cannot out of principle support such a slipshod release with their money. It's the only effective way I can make my dissatisfaction known -- voting with my wallet. Griping on the Internet might filter through to the press and gain some traction for a fix, but it's ultimately preaching to the choir. Besides, as much as I love TNG there's way too much other quality entertainment out there to have to tolerate substandard work like S2 on BD. This isn't the late-'80s / early-'90s anymore.

HTV aside (they probably did their best, probably even with the best intentions, which was simply not good enough -- end of story), CBS needs to be told that they need to bring their A-game each and every time or it'll cost them customers. It's that simple.
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