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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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Traditionally, people feel much freer to completely reimagine female superheroes...
That's quite a blanket assertion. Evidence, please? If anything, the '70s Wonder Woman series
I was speaking of comics history not adaptations. As for evidence - WW going from superpowered Amazon to non-powered kung fu fighter and back again, the many-more-than-nine-lives versions of Selina Kyle, and, Donna Troy anyone? Just to name a few.

More concerning is "she will fight to the death to make the world safe for innocents and true romantics everywhere.

Which sounds like there could be episodes of WW intervening in tales of True Love. At this moment in time I wouldn't put it past anyone to try to sell a superheroine who makes the world safe for teenage girls and their vampire lovers to ride off into the sunset, if you get my drift.
Well, keep in mind that "romantic" has other meanings than "concerned with love." A romantic is an idealist, a dreamer. It could be saying she's fighting on behalf of idealism and hope.
Could be, but let's face it, there's a strong tendency to build a strong romance (genre) emphasis into a female superhero story, especially one for tv in the hopes that it will help crossover appeal to a female audience. The innocent romantic, as you say feels a little contradictory if the coming-from-a-war-torn country bit turns out to be an actual plot point. And it may not be - it may be more coded cover - the current version of Wonder Woman is a fierce and deadly fighter, even where her colleagues will not kill, depsite being from peaceful Themyscira. Though tough and deadly Amazons is built into the Perez reboot conception of the Amazon origin story. Diana's contradictory nature tends to spring from her being raised by a race of women who underwent cruel torture in their past, but which she herself never experienced.
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