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Heres the pictures

The first 2 pictures were taken with my iPhone 5, the rest with a Canon 5D Mark II, so dont blame the camera for bad image quality!
You can click on any picture to show the full size original.

Some questionable screen printing on the disc along with the 'pits' on the surface. And the ifpi number.

More underside pictures, and the slipcover with the screenprinting on it

More slipcover

Slipcover and DVD book

More DVD Book -- looks right.

Trying to get more of the 'pitting' on the discs. It was on all discs, not just the top one.

Hey! these look like the real thing... not the usual cardboard imports!

Image printed (not studio quality) and not put on straight. More pits, bad screenprinting on disc.

More trying to get the ifpi number, and other random barcode/printing on underside of disc.

Even more ifpi, best shot. Paper insert.

Same paper insert, closeup (not good quality):

Heres a shot of my LEGIT DS9 Sleeve.. much better quality!

And the clincher... DVD Decrypter says all region:
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