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Re: Is it weird that The Royale is one of my favourite episodes?

Not weird at all. I personally enjoy this episode as yet another example of Roddenberry (who probably rewrote the episode in spite of Maurice Hurley taking the rap, and to Torme's chagrin) recalling his '70s work in TNG. Here it was the scene with Data and the dice, almost a direct lift from a casino scene in The Questor Tapes. It's fun to watch both scenes back-to-back (if you can even find Questor that is). The Questor character was pretty much always acknowledged as the inspiration for Data in general (Roddenberry's S1 & S2 Data anyway, as opposed to Michael Piller's "emotion-free except when he has his emotion chip version" from S3 on), but the comparison is not usually so direct.

These carryovers from Roddenberry's '70s oeuvre always fascinate me, from the well-known (TMP Decker & Ilia / TNG Riker & Troi, etc.) to the less well-known (the matriarchal societies in Planet Earth / TNG Angel One, etc.). Not sure if it shows a lack of creativity on Roddenberry's part or his love for certain themes in his work. The Royale -- along with most of S1 and S2 -- reminds me of Roddenberry's vision of Trek post-TOS.
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