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Re: storm and floods in GB - is everyone ok?

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^There's been at least 3 or 4 times with countrywide heavy snow in the last 4 years though. It's becoming more common, of the top of my head, last winter was the first that we had none since 2008 and that's here in the Southwest. In the north obviously it's much more common.
The problem is that some parts are more affected by others, in the area where I live, yes we've had a little bit of snow, but no where near as bad as some parts of the country. Some winters you are listening to the news about heavy snow yet outside there isn't even a flake of the white stuff.

So how do you allocate resources? Do you focus them on certain areas? And how do you justify it to the taxpayers that you are only allocating resources to certain areas and not the whole country?
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