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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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At this point I can imagine Kate would be happy to just walk away from the mike and go to the bar for a gin ricky than ever answer another 'first time question on Janeway's position on sex' and J7 shipper that I am, it has never seemed an idea that she ever cottoned to.
KM has always seemed one thousand percent heterosexual to me and I really doubt the idea ever crossed her mind (until the fans put it there, LOL).
I think she never saw the relationship as anything other than maternal or big sisterly toward Seven. I do think the chemistry toward Ryan in their acting (whether solely from their skills or contributed to from real life feelings) makes it easy to see more than the scripts themselves make visible. Both actresses played off each other far more powerfully than Lawless and O'Conner did in my estimation,
Well as we've said KM played Mulgrew as seducing everybody, she wooed her crew. And some of the actor's responses make it easy to read more than just a relational style into it. Ryan and Mulgrew had great chemistry.

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