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Re: How do you deal with Depression?

My weight is not so much an issue anymore...well its an issue in that its something that I worry about, but its not a visible issue. I lost over 150lbs and workout 5-6 days a week 2-3x a day now. Admittedly the gym does cause me a lot of stress since it reminds me that I will have to stay locked in there forever just to keep the weight off and many of the people there remind me that no mater how much I work out I will NEVER look as good as they do.

One of the problems is that I eat when I'm depressed and when I'm bored which is often for both. So its foruntate that I workout as often as I do. How long I'm able to keep up that routine is an open question given that I seem to be putting auite a bit of stress on my joints that they increasingly do not like.
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