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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

It makes him look like a complete idiot. In front of his superior officers he threatens to knock someone from the Vulcan delegation on their ass, in the middle of a very serious discussion about a captured, comatose hostile.

Then again maybe there were Klingon pheromones in the air and that was subtext for "T'Pol your boobies are making me hard."

MY GOD that's a good explanation!! He got a whiff of comatose Klingon pheromones which were leaking out of the Klingon's shotgon wounds and he had a primitive Klingon mating reaction to the sight of T'Pol who stood out rather a bit in a crowd of old men.

I HAVE FIXED ARCHER!! Rehabilitated him! He is now, as is everyone in Star Trek when they do something dumb, a victim of invisible juju.

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