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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

EXTRA! I've dug out my old Deck 3, and they are posted below. The 2001 plans contain various errors and odd interpretations that need updating, but the one thing I was keen on then (and am still) is that the radius of the curved corridor is kept the same as on the show. Hence this odd setup:

(click for full size)

I did not include Pike's cabin in this Deck 3, but was primarily guided by the chase in Let That Be Your Last Battlefield. Rec Room 6, Deck 3 (from Charlie X) is present, and I decided to turn the area under the teardrop's yellow rectangle into a cargo bay (with the yellow rectangle as a cargo bay door).

The chase that Bele & Lokai undertake is plotted below:

(click for full size)

Lokai starts on the red spot and follows the yellow path (turning to brown) which crosses the original route and carries accross the cargo bay, onto the ladder in the southern corridor and down to Deck 4. It is on Deck 4 where I placed the "Crewman's Lounge" and "Recreation Room 3"

So, there you go! hope that is interesting (or at least an amusing diversion)
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