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Re: Season 2 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

Tonight's TNG event was a nightmare at the AMC Burbank 16. It was scheduled to start at 7 with a runtime of 3 hours and 18 minutes. The evening consisted of two episodes (one extended), a blooper reel and a video featuring a cast reunion. Instead of starting at 7, the theater experienced delays because no one could figure out how to get the sound to work. It finally started around 8:10 with a promo all about the new effects (for season 1). Then an interminable slideshow began featuring still photos from several season 2 episodes and doing comparisons between the original NTSC version and the new HD edition. I was ready to leave when "Shades of Grey" photos were being shown. After this snoozefest Fathom commercials started playing...and playing...and playing. The manager eventually came in and said normally they can't fast forward through the commercials, but tonight she was making an exception. Then "Q Who" plays and it's great. It's even in surround sound! Then the blooper reel. It's hysterical! Then the cast reunion. It's wonderful! And then the extended version of "Measure of a Man" starts and it's also wonderful. But wait...remember, this is supposed to be a 3 hour and 18 minute event. The computer system at the AMC didn't forget that. Halfway through the episode it shuts off and the lights came on. I checked my watch. It was 10:20. Eventually the episode starts up again, but we had to watch about 5 minutes of the episode again. Thankfully one really good extended scene in Ten Forward was seen again. Finally, the evening ends. I got two free passes from the AMC, which are even good for IMAX screenings.

P.S. It seems the documentary portion and the intro to "Q Who" were not shown either. I wasn't even aware of these.
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