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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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That said, I find it surprising that they would do such a revisionist take on Wonder Woman in this day and age, when comics adaptations as a rule are far closer to the source than ever before.
Traditionally, people feel much freer to completely reimagine female superheroes - thus why WW has undergone so many different takes already.

However, the article lead says that "Iris" is merely a code name on the production's casting call in an attempt to avoid undue attention on the project in this early stage. That likely means that the casting call in general is coded to get only the main character points across - it says nothing of superpowers for instance but that may be a dodge to not give up the fact that it's WW being cast.

In other words, the whole thing may be much truer to comic book roots than the casting call appears. All it really says is that this character is a fierce warrior, a true romantic, and innocent of the modern world. Other than the vague "true romantic" label, it sounds not far from the JL cartoon version of WW in basic character beats.

More concerning is "she will fight to the death to make the world safe for innocents and true romantics everywhere.

Which sounds like there could be episodes of WW intervening in tales of True Love. At this moment in time I wouldn't put it past anyone to try to sell a superheroine who makes the world safe for teenage girls and their vampire lovers to ride off into the sunset, if you get my drift.

Could be awful if they try to play that sort of thing too straight, could be the next Buffy if they can get some cleverness in there. Only time will tell.
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