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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

Update: Apparently the "Iris" name in the casting sheets was just a code name to try to hide the fact that they were casting for Wonder Woman. But because the Internet exists, the fact that it was connected to the show got out anyway. Looks like she's still called Diana.

Otherwise, I think it's promising -- the description of the character's attitude and reaction to our world does remind me of elements of the post-Crisis Perez version. But the backstory is very revisionist -- from a land of constant warfare rather than a paradise of peace? Hmm. Well, what matters is how it serves the character. I'm a little unclear on how she can be so innocent and optimistic if she's lived through such violence. But maybe if the idea is that she's trying to find a better way, maybe there's something there -- although it runs the risk of being too Xena-like. At any rate, it seems like they're making a departure from the battle-of-the-sexes thing and Themyscira being all women. They're going for a different kind of alienness. Which might be a good idea in this day and age.
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