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Re: Religious Stories

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. . . but maybe the idea that god has such a refined sense of Interior Design points to her being a woman, or for him having Faahhhhhhbulous taste... ?!?!?
I've linked to this New Yorker piece before, but for those who haven't read it, here it is again.

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. . .I also really like The Prince of Egypt, a surprisingly intelligent and mature adaptation of the story of the Exodus. It particularly impresses me with the bold creative decision to make Pharaoh a sympathetic character.
The 1970s TV miniseries Moses the Lawgiver, starring Burt Lancaster, was also a fairly intelligent dramatization of the story of Moses and the Exodus, taking a historic and anthropological approach to the material and downplaying the supernatural aspects. (I'm tempted to say it wasn't run of De Mille, but that would be too easy. )
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