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Dick Whitman
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Re: How do you deal with Depression?

I mentioned earlier that I have lost around 100 pounds over the last 7 years. What motivated me was realizing that while there are a lot of things I can not control I could change that.

Its not easy. But you don't have to lose as much as I did. The big drop for me was stopping drinking soda completely. I drank way too much and all day. I convinced myself over the years I need Mountan Dew for the caffeine for energy. But from things I started to read, it was what was making me so tired. The carbonation was giving me digestive issues. After the caffeine wore off I would just feel exhausted. For than anything the amount of sugar and calories was great than regular foods I had.

I could have limited the amount I drank. But cutting it out completely showed me how much it alone was doing to me. It was like a control in an experiment. Over time it also changed my sense of taste completely. So other sweets actually tasted too sugary for me . I only have sugary stuff once in awhile. Its seems more special now.
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