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Re: Kira's Age - She was 26 in Season One?

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Yes, that is that popular argument. In reality, it is the studios casting an older actor for a younger aged character. It always seemed kinda lazy and sometimes sloppy to me. Just find a different actor or in this case, change the age of Nana Visitor's character!
Why change the age of the character? Why is a 26-year-old major hard to accept? That's what I want to know. I expect that anyone involved in the resistance that lived to be over 30 was probably a colonel or a general.

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Besides which, I think the idea of Dukat writing that is kind of inconsistent with the idea that her mother was his lover for a while. He knew very well who she was all along. The novels suggest that he deliberately downplayed her importance in official files to protect her on Meru's behalf. Which would also suggest that she was indeed more important than "minor member" would imply.
I never thought of that before!
But, why assume that Dukat wrote the intelligence reports? He was not an intelligence officer, he was an administrator. Administrators don't write reports on members of resistance groups, do they?

I remember when that was mentioned. But, it doesn't seem logical to me. The Barjorans truly wanted and needed Starfleet's help after the Occupation. You would think that the position of Liason Officer would be a very important one to Bajor and not one of punishment. Unless perhaps they believed that Kira was a very capable officer and able to get the job done, but that the post was far enough away to get her out of their hair (though DS9 was in orbit of Bajor at that time)
The Bajorans needed the Federation's assistance, yes, but did they really want it? They kicked out the Cardassians, are finally independent, then the populace sees their provisional government invite the other major power in the neighborhood in to "oversee" things. Probably sounded exactly like what the Cardassians had said at the beginning of the Occupation - "Oh, we're just here to help, we're your friends, you can trust us."

Clearly there were many factions on Bajor that did not want the Federation interfering in their business. Kira was one of them, at first. So why not send her to be the liaison officer? She'll stop complaining at the local government officials and start complaining at the Federation officials.
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