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Re: Kira's Age - She was 26 in Season One?

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Well, there are some discrepancies with the age of Molly O'Brien or the anniversary of Wolf 357 that suggest that the thousand-stardate Earth year cycle and the Bajoran year are quite significantly out of synch. Also, certain supposedly annual Bajoran festivals are witnessed on several seasons but always at different points of the season in question.

We have at least some reason to think that Bajor orbits her star at basically the same distance as Earth orbits hers, giving near-identical lengths of year. But it's by no means set in stone. The Bajoran year might easily be some 20 or even 30% shorter than the Earth one, or perhaps correspondingly longer.

The day length would of course have nothing to do with the year length, and we never got a reason to think that Bajorans would count their age on the basis of days instead of years anyway.

Timo Saloniemi
I had thought that perhaps Bajor was further from their sun and thus had more days in each year. But, how many days would needed to be added to each year in order to make to make Kira at 26 look like she is in her 30’s in earth years? Probably too many, but Bajor can’t be too far from their sun since the planet is able to sustain humanoid life.
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