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Re: How many prints were floating round in the 1960s...?

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There are no Suppressed Field copies known to exist after The Chase 1, so The Gunfighters wouldn't be on that list. Planet of Giants 3 and The Daleks 4 both have Stored Field copies in existence, although they may have Suppressed Field copies existing. The Dalek Invasion of Earth 5 is an interesting one as it's the original broadcast 35mm film - which I guess at the time would've been created Suppressed Field. Need to check up on that.
I'd been working on the old belief that stored field came in towards the end of season three, so that Gunfighters 4 might have been sup-field if the questionable records that it might have been transmitted from film were correct. But as that doesn't seem to be the case, that clears up that possibility.

Planet of Giants 3 is a curious one: if the transmitted version was produced by editing telerecordings of the original 3&4, then you'd think they'd have to be suppressed field copies at that point. Unless stored field was around even earlier than the end of season 2, but was only used for transmission prints due to shortage of equipment during the switchover?
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