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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

re: gin rickey

re: position

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At this point I can imagine Kate would be happy to just walk away from the mike and go to the bar for a gin ricky than ever answer another 'first time question on Janeway's position on sex' and J7 shipper that I am, it has never seemed an idea that she ever cottoned to.

I think she never saw the relationship as anything other than maternal or big sisterly toward Seven. I do think the chemistry toward Ryan in their acting (whether solely from their skills or contributed to from real life feelings) makes it easy to see more than the scripts themselves make visible.

Both actresses played off each other far more powerfully than Lawless and O'Conner did in my estimation, though it would be fair to say that I never warmed to the character of Gabrielle who never rose above annoying girl to me.

One of my favorite Xena/Voyager crossovers was Eternal Suffering. It is a wonderful look at X/G and J/C ships. [URL wrote:[/URL]
Oh be still my Gabrielle loving heart!

She stopped being annoying (to me) half way through season 1, although she had a few set backs (mostly due to Xena lite eps like Married with Fishsticks and The Play's the Thing)

I really like the maternal relationship between J/7, and I think that was what the writers/actors were going for in the series, unlike what the writers/actors may or may not have been going for in X:WP... depending on the phase of the moon and the side of the bed some one rose from that day.

As for differences between my two fav shows... I have to admit that X:WP did a better job at allowing the characters to grow over the seasons, and I specifically mean the 2 subordinate characters. The XWP producers have discussed how Xena (read Janeway) was not allowed to change much, but that Gabrielle was more fluid. One can see that from season 1 to 6 in the clothing alone, much less the confidence, ability to protect herself/fight and even the carriage the actor showed. Our poor Seven was still strapped literally and figuratively into that corset in more ways than one. So much so that many of us could not accept the suddenly appearance of Chakotay into her romantic life.

One of the reasons I liked Janeway over Picard is that there seemed to be a real change (in Janeway) over the years, although this change was not as great as seen in the Gabrielle character... one would not necessarily expect one.

Gabrielle, like Seven, was a blank slate for the other main character to play off, to mold, to develop. Xena at 27, after 10 years a warlord, and Janeway at 39, after 20 years a star fleet officer, were much more mature, more stable.

Still both women changed because of their subordinates...

SEVEN: Captain.
JANEWAY: I'm having trouble with the nature of individuality.
SEVEN: You require a philosophical discussion.
JANEWAY: There's a time and a place for it. This is one of them. After I freed you from the Collective, you were transformed. It's been a difficult process. Was it worth it?
SEVEN: I had no choice.
JANEWAY: That's not what I asked you.
SEVEN: If I could change what happened, erase what you did to me, would I? No.

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