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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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One of the minor flaws I have with this episode is that it's a bit late in the series to be introducing a group like Section 31.

There are quite a few things like that on DS9, where ideas don't always pop up in a timely fashion, or you think: I wish they had introduced this idea earlier, or I wish they had brought this up again at some point.

Somewhere in the ether there is a version of DS9 where the creators get to go back to season one and start over from scratch with all the ideas that cropped up over the course of seven seasons in mind... and that show is the platonic perfection of sci-fi shows

As it is, I can't really fault the writers for trying new things, introducing new concepts, etc., even if they sometimes feel a little awkward. It's far better than stagnation.

Section 31 is an awesome concept, and I wish we'd seen more of it. As it is, Inter Arma is a classic, and well worth introducing the idea on its own. Too bad about Extreme Measures, though. Inquisition is... good, though I wish they hadn't fallen back on the tired *virtual reality that dissipates* scenario here.
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