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I am no expert in Hinduism, and I know there is at least one person here who can speak with more knowledge and authority than I (so please correct me if I get anything wrong), but there is a bit of imagery from a story about Krishna that has always stuck with me. My friend, Sonia, who is Hindu, told me the story, and one scene always stood out. Apparently, Krishna was a trouble-maker as a child, and would often sneak away and eat all the butter. One day, he lied to his mother about eating the butter, and so she took him by the chin and opened his mouth, but when she looked inside, she saw the universe. That was when she knew he was a god.

Itís just a really cool image and idea: that the universe would exist inside a god.
^ This was mentioned in the movie The Life of Pi, which I saw last week and enjoyed. The main character, Piscine Molitor, was a little boy whose family owned a zoo in French-controlled India. He was raised as a Hindu but also became curious in Christianity and Islam and was practicing all three religions at the same time. Pi's mom related the story of Krishna to him and his brother. The movie was very interesting as it talked about faith and one boy's belief in God.
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