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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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While I'll be picking up season two, I'll be sorely disappointed if CBS lets HTV-Illuminate anywhere near TNG again.
After last night, it was almost as if I put the picture quality at the end of my reasons for getting this set. I'm not going to allow that to overshadow the other things, like:

-The Abundance of special features that should have been on the DVD in the first place

-Measure of a Man extended cut

-Being a completest

-Deleted scenes

-It's TNG, my favorite series

I do hope this company doesn't do the other seasons because their job was hap-hazard. I think what really bothers me about this is I originally thought the PR about doing this for the fans, putting in a lot of care for this, stuff like that was genuine. If it was so genuine, they would have cut HTV out of it pretty much after the first quality check. Yeah I know they have deadlines, and it was the holiday season (Hey, if you were a company doing this, wouldn't you want to take advantage of the holiday season too?) but Season 2 isn't up to the standards of Season 1 and that's a shame. Add to that the audio issues of season 1 and the whole replacement thing going on, and I have to ask, how genuine are they that they are really doing this for the fans?

One other thing, why hasn't the price for this come down yet? The season has 3 less episodes than the previous season and that was like $59. I looked on Amazon and even though cyber week and Black Friday, it was still $79. What is going on there?
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