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Re: Religious Stories

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Fico Ventilatory on the MonoAnthropic Cycle, Please? Read it, have heard similar...
I donít know who or what Fico Ventilatory is, and I donít know what ďitĒ you have read. The concept of the monoanthropic cycle is original with me.

how does this theory account for changes in Population? Can souls be Split, or merge?
Hereís the idea. The paradoxes of time travel disappear as long as knowledge is not taken back to the past. When you die, your soul can conceivably reincarnate as your own mother or father, so one soul is all we need. It experiences in turn the life of everyone who has ever lived or ever will, then starts over. It does have the disturbing implication that when you are born with Hitlerís genes and experience what he experienced, youíll do the same things he did.

if it's anthropic- do we only reincarnate as Humans, and does Sentience Matter? only Homo Sapiens- or could we reincarnate as Neandertals or Homo Erectus or Floresiensis or Denisovan or Any in the Human Family Tree?
Interesting questions. Since the cycle isnít a testable hypothesis but merely an idea for philosophical exploration, use whatever works for you. I think it makes sense to apply it to any entity with conscious subjective experience, including animals, intelligent machines, and extraterrestrials.

Do we have any Choice in the Matter?
Probably not.

My friend, at an age younger than 6, had asked , " Grandma, How do you know God is Real?"

Her Grandmother didn't skip a beat. She took hold of a Fresh apple, and a Knife, and sliced it through the middle {halfway between the stem and the sepal}. Exposing the inside of both Halves, she replied to Jennifer, "Well then. Who put the Star inside of this Apple?Ē
What did Jennifer think of that answer?

maybe the idea that god has such a refined sense of Interior Design points to her being a woman, or for him having Faahhhhhhbulous taste... ?!?!?
That might explain why, in all these millennia, He has only sired one child.
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