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Re: Now That John Logan Has Proven Himself, What Went Wrong With Nemes

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Most of your inquires and grievances can be cleared up by a viewing of the film. Pay attention especially to the conversation Picard and Shinzon have about their true nature and shared attributes.
I welcome a specific quote that addresses my arguments.

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Saying that his taking the Praetorship meant that he'd "won" is as ridiculous as saying that African Americans aren't still oppressed just because the President is black.
Why would anybody compare that? Shinzon is closer to a dictator than an elected official. Now you're just reaching since simply saying "I have a blind hatred and that's that" is tougher to admit.
No. I am making a comparison between one society being led by a member of an oppressed community, and another.

It's really quite simple from a storytelling perspective (and also fictional, the politics of Star Trek have never been close to realistic, maybe that's what makes it difficult for some people? That whole FICTION thing? I dunno).
Randomly insulting your debate opponents by claiming they don't understand the concept of fiction or suspension of disbelief does not actually advance your argument.
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