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Re: Do the Homeless Get Free Medical Treatment at American Hospitals?

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Hubby was on call this past weekend. A parent called him--child receiving free medical care and the formula she opened was the wrong one. Okay, she had enough for the weekend, so fix it Monday, right? No! She wanted it fixed NOW, regardless of the costs to the hospital (read CA taxpayers) to get both a pharmacist into the office and the deliveryman on a Sunday (this department is closed weekends, but with people on call for emergencies). True, there was a delivery error (long before Hubby started working there), but she signed for the item without checking. The delivery person is delivering, not checking prescriptions--not qualified. Had she checked, as she was supposed to, there would have been no false-emergency. This was formula with a few nutritional additives, not medication.

These the kinds of attitude that are wrong. Not the "I'm out of insulin" or "my child just broke their arm and needs help now" things, or the once-a-year well-child checkup which can catch problems early.
I can see this from both sides, both as the provider who tries her damndest to explain why this emergency really isn't and from the point of view of a caregiver who is at the end of her rope.

Parents of chronically ill children don't get weekends off. They are on the job 24/7. A caregiver lives in a state of chronic anxiety & exhaustion & that can addle your brain after awhile.

Been there. I wasn't always the nicest when a provider was patiently explaining his position to me, either. I'm sure there are notations in my sweetie's charts saying, "Spoke with girlfriend. She's a bitch."
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