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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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So the Season 3 set is maybe the grand prize of the whole collection.
That's a hard statement for me to accept, thinking about Friday's Child and Kaplan's recording of Enemy Within, along with Adonais and Catspaw and City and extra struff from Amok Time. A lot of people love Duning's Metamophosis, too. But you've made a good case.

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"Paradise," and "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" from Label X/Bremner
After our discussion about Paradise Syndrome last night, I re-listened to the Bremner suite of it. I forgot how good it was! I had come to be a little disappointed by the Bremner stuff, primarily because I considered the performance of Enemy Within to be inferior to Kaplan's performance. But the Paradise performance is quite good.

It's interesting that Fried is playing the oboe at the upcoming event, because the oboe is featured at some moments in the Paradise score. I found myself wondering who played oboe during the recording. Did the studio orchestra have woodwinds, or did Fried play it himself?

I've also wondered the same thing about the rolling piano in the Enemy Within score, whether it was Kaplan.

We'll know soon! I think there will be info on the musician performers, in the box set. Very cool.
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