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Re: Religious Stories

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That is captivating imagery, Strange Quark...

for some strange reason, it reminds me of an anecdote i heard as a child: My best friend had moved to the NorthEast from the Deep South, and maybe there's a little je ne sais quoi in the Southern Drawl i hear when i recall the retelling; or the idea of white-washed, sun-soaked Southern porches and fecund orchards and Grandmothers in Aprons making lemonade...

My friend, at an age younger than 6, had asked , " Grandma, How do you know God is Real?"

Her Grandmother didn't skip a beat. She took hold of a Fresh apple, and a Knife, and sliced it through the middle {halfway between the stem and the sepal}. Exposing the inside of both Halves, she replied to Jennifer, "Well then. Who put the Star inside of this Apple?"
It's a nice story -- also with great imagery the way you tell it. A terrible argument for the existence of god, though!

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