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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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General consensus in this thread: pure magic.
Meh, You're hard on the show when it comes to this kind of stuff. Me not so much.
Actually, I am quite enjoying the show, but when claims are made by the producers that the technology is "totally plausible" combine with what we've been shown on screen, I have to call bullshit.

In Trek when Data or Belana Torres would sound off techno babble like:

It's some sort of chromodynamic module powered by a tri-polymer plasma." "Prototype"
Did you think 'magic,' as well?
Yes. See, you're not the first or only person to realize that "technobabble" = pure bullshit.

And there's a key difference here. In Trek, phasers, warp drive, transporters, and replicators are part of the setting. In Revolution, the magic pendants and the "event" are part of the plot. Plot devices require much more internal consistency than set dressing.
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