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Re: Constitution, Miranda, and Constelation Class

...And boy wasn't it fun to try and fight a Constitution armed with a Romulan plasma weapon and backed up by two local gunboats! I usually hit hard reverse, put all energy and repair effort on shields, and kept reversing and turning until I could pump enough photon torpedoes into the capital enemy to slow him down. Then I picked a fight with one gunboat at a time, fired volleys of everything and ran, licked my wounds, did another hit-and-run raid, and veeeeeery slowly wore off the enemy defenses until I could eliminate the gunboats. The Constitution rejoined the battle by then, so again I'd have to run and heal until I could deprive him of freedom of movement again, then hit him from the rear where he had no weaponry.

I wonder... many of Picard's enemies seemed to know the hero captain's starship in and out, including two-bit villains such as the Rutian terrorists. How difficult would it really be to duplicate a working starship? Rather than a semi-inert mockup like in "Mark of Gideon"?

Timo Saloniemi
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