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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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Hard for me to see the Knicks/Nets ever becoming more than just a regional thing that will, of course, be hyped like it's something that it isn't by the news media. The Knocks have a suprdemely talentd offensive player, Carmelo, who reminds me of Charles Barkley a lot; meaning, an offensive machine but a loser nonethless.

Nets have a better chance, I think. Their pieces do appear to at least fit, unlike the mish mash that is the Knick's roster.

The problem though is that great rivalries are built over time and, and as far as basketball is concened, these two haven't had enough of it.
They haven't been good at the same time over the last 20 years or so that I've been following hoops. Doesn't make for much of a matchup.

I grew up in NY during the heyday of those Knicks teams of the 90s. Chicago, Indiana, and Miami were all bigger rivals. Even Boston is a bigger rival.

Games in the old Meadowlands were basically Knicks home games. I used to go whenever the Knicks 'visited' since you couldn't get tickets to MSG.

It's a unique dynamic having two of everything as far as pro teams go. It doesn't matter what the Nets, Mets, and Jets (whoa I made a rhyme) do, they'll never be as popular as the Knicks, Yanks, and Giants.

Intracity rivalries are inherently more likely to be regional since it only involves one city and the hype turns off people from other markets.
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