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Re: TOS's largest one time prop.

Except of course that there's no such exit door on the aft compartment set!
There is that fold-out ladder at the corner opposite the entry alcove, supposedly allowing for exit once the aft ramp folds down. It's difficult to spot, but visible in at least two episodes. This was thought out...

One might speculate that the aft compartment, not seen until some way into the history of the DF, is a separate cubical container that can be shoved into the aft hold through the hatch, hence the awkward, non-optimal shape.

As for the 7' medical bed, perhaps it is flexible and is stored vertically inside the wall?
It's one of those CT or MRI tube things if I recall correctly - essentially, it wouldn't go vertical but rather would telescope when sliding into the wall.

The small lifeboats would rather easily fit in the space between the curved outer walls and the cubical interior. The question about them is twofold: how does one access them from the inside, and how do they eject? The exterior has four obvious ejection tube hatches, two per side - but in "Drive", those become impulse booster engines! (Perhaps Paris and Torres actually installed engines in place of lifepods?)

Timo Saloniemi
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