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Re: Love, hate and the AMT Enterprise model

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Okay, the one I had was the Small Box Version One.

It feels a bit anachronistic to see the article writer referring to the nacelle caps as "Bussard collectors," a terminology that wasn't applied to Starfleet nacelles until TNG (courtesy of Rick Sternbach, who'd worked with Dr. Bussard before becoming a technical consultant on TNG). I think back then we just called them nacelle caps or domes. I recall a Cinefantastique article saying that they were referred to behind the scenes as "ball power modules."
I can't speak to the "proper" historical use of terms for each iteration of Trek, and we can't ask Matt Jefferies about the nacelle caps, but since Bob Bussard's original ramjet concept goes back to 1960, the use of the caps as collectors seems to fit. I don't have a copy of Franz Joseph's plans handy, but didn't he label them something like "space matter intakes"? This might have been his own take on what they could have been, and not something intended by Jefferies. More science fiction archeology.
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