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Re: TOS's largest one time prop.

In the TMP Enterprise, the rec deck is too tall to fit inside the rim of the saucer (due to that undercut thing on the miniature)
Only if you assume it's on the rim. It would fit perfectly right next to the core of the saucer, with those twin turboshafts descending from the bridge. It would even fit dialogue from "Let That Be Your Last Attempt At Making a Title Longer Than For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky", where a rec room spans decks 3-5 right below the bridge.

and the corridor in front of engineering (or rather, the forced-perspective mural that represents the corridor stretching into the distance) goes too far forward to fit inside the ship.
Only if you assume that Main Engineering is located near the forward end of the engineering hull. Assuming that it's closer to the rear end would make things just dandy again. Say, forget about the aft of the ME set being forced perspective and accept it as being just as short as it really is.

Also, the aft compartment of the Delta Flyer from Voyager can't fit inside the ship, and there's no actual exit door on the exterior model.
No problem with a 21m long DF. And the exterior model does have a ramp shape right where the aft door would lead.

Meanwhile, the Delta Flyer itself is too big to fit through Voyager's hangar doors
Well, sort of. It's a matter of inches width-wise, and we can always squint that much. Perhaps Paris squinted the first few times, too, and thereafter there were no further problems?

and the hangar is somehow large enough to hold the Flyer, Neelix's ship, and an uncertain number of shuttles as well as the occasional visiting ship.
Not a problem as such - the problem comes from fitting the specific size and shape of hangar internal divisions seen in the various episodes.

And then there's Nemesis, where the lowermost deck of the ship apparently has a bottomless shaft extending down from it.
Lowermost deck? Why would the Viceroy be on the lowermost deck of the ship? He was going to kidnap Picard, who was on the bridge - the Viceroy would be far more likely to be near the topmost deck! Or more likely at the top of the secondary hull and the bottom of the primary one, where Riker and Worf would meet him at halfway point. Plenty of room for a long shaft - and indeed a good justification for having such a shaft, as the vertical warp core is near the primary/secondary hull junction and no doubt has associated service shafts.

Really, Star Trek interiors hold together pretty well, simply by virtue of mostly representing very large fictional structures. Plenty of room to squeeze extra cubic meters of interior in. In comparison, the Millennium Falcon is small enough to suffer from photographic limitations similar to those making it implausible to shoot TOS shuttle scenes inside a sawed-in-half mock-up...

Not that there wouldn't be weirdness that just can't be explained away. All the bridges suffer from misplaced windows, for example - Picard's ready room on the E-E is an especially impossible addition to the interior. Unless we assume that Starfleet actually places its bridges one deck down from the big bubble at the bottom, as a rule...

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