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Re: Who should have been killed in Nemesis? (Not Stuart Baird please)

"Androids do not have souls (unlike Vulcans and their katras) so the memories are just files without the positronic net".......

i'm not sure i agree... Mulling it over... but i think i'm thinking that an AI can become more than the sum of his/her parts... and maybe what emerges beyond the sum is the ineffable soul?

whether the 'machine' is of biological origin or not... when 'memories', 'data files', whatever~ have outlived their host, there's a possibility that they can be uploaded to another vessel/body: android, hologram, ceylon, cyborg, Human 2.0, clone, hard drive.....
i wonder if the vessel might contribute to the soul itself? it might then become a trill/symbiant thing... host & soul?

just thinkin'...
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