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Re: Those with LEGIT Voyager DVDs, please help

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You'de think they are trying to push something at you with Blueray but all the machines are backward compatable so it doesn't matter. I have an ifpi called 409. Is this legitimate?
First, thank you, second, there should be a letter before those numbers, but either way, that is a much different code than my Z977. Only after filing a complaint with eBay the seller responded. Go figure . We're shipping them back to the seller, and will get a refund. I also wanted to start this thread to bring some more attention to the issue, as I only found a few places where someone had pictures and information about bootlegs, mostly about the real obvious fakes.

Sorry I have not posted the pictures yet, went out and watched Some Blu-Ray TNG Season 2 on the big screen last night. There will be some cool extras in these Blu Ray releases!

As for the Blu-Ray releases of Voyager, I'm not holding my breath... those will take a while... they have DS9 to do first! And also speaking of Blu-Ray, Amazon has TOS Blu-Ray for $129 for the whole Series. Bought that for a gift, which I will be borrowing after Christmas!

Generic replies to the rest of the thread that went sideways - You can stretch your DVD/Blu-Ray picture to 16:9 on a 16:9 TV, but everyone will get 'wider'. Otherwise, watch it letterboxed, however you should not have black bars on the top or bottom, just left and right.

Any more ifpi codes?
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