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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

So Episodes 7&8.

There can be a fair criticism of the series that it feels a little videogamey with all the CGI and the focus on killing things, but I think episode 7's weird snowy nighttime reprieve with two soldiers drinking by a piano was just the variation it needed. There may honestly not be a lot of substance here, but it's a webseries, and B&C has been doing pretty solid by those standards.

The Cylon screaming in pain is one of those things that baffle me (why would machines program pain to work the same way as it does with humans?) but it's no better or worse than how the series has consistently portrayed Cylon 'evolution', frankly.

There's clearly something up with their mission leader. I'm expecting some kind of twist as to her real purpose here - monotheist conspiracy, or dealing with defectors, or something probably more interesting and better written than those examples.

Next week this all ends. Pity, it's been nice to return to BSG.
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