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Re: Your Christmas Wish List

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I think Christmas lists, by their very nature, miss the point of Christmas They make the holiday about "getting" rather than "giving."

"What do you want for Christmas?" is one of my least favorite questions.
Same here, but people are insistent, which is why I have a list. It's all stuff I'd eventually get for myself anyway, and I end up getting those people gifts, too, so the end result isn't much of a difference.
I go one step further. My parents like to "manage" who gets what for me and my brother, andwe both tend to get stuff during the year. We've taken to creating lists on Amazon during the year, holding back stuff we "would get ourselves" in order to have something to ask for when the incessant "What do you want/have you done your list/can I see your list" questions come up. (They usually start asking in September, though nobody ever checks the list until November, even if they're done.) When the questions start, Mum gets a link to the list, and it gets frozen. I don't dare buy anything from that point on for myself, or I'll get told I should've put it on my list. (Unless it's urgent - like, if my monitor gives up in November, as it did last year, I'll get a new one pronto. Besides, I'd never expect people to spend anywhere near that much.)

An added problem is that out of five members of my family, four of us have birthdays in December or January.
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