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Re: Season 2 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

Really enjoyed the season 2 event. Enjoyed going to the first as well a few months ago. This one had a LOT less attendance, but I went to a different, smaller theater than last time so I think that was why (hopefully).

Currently running through ST: Voyager, so getting to see "Q Who" again while watching Voyager was pretty cool. Kind of forget the first meeting of the borg and the intensity and fear surrounding them, where as by the end of Voyager they aren't worried too much about them because of all the Borg experience they had gained.

I fail though, didn't even notice the extended scenes in Measure of a Man. Watched it probably 5 times on the original, but not in a few years, and I thought they had forgotten to show the extended stuff or something. Either way, it's a great episode and glad they showed it.

Great night, hope they keep it up for all the seasons! I really hope they make it to Season 5 so they can show "The Inner Light." What I would give to see that in HD on the big screen!
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