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^Yeah, from pretty much everything I've heard here (I haven't read the CE books or TED yet), the Janeway event and the event in the first CE book wouldn't really be resets. What happened before still happened, it was just undone kind of. As far as I'm concerned as long as said events still happened and continue to impact the story, it's not a reset.
I don't think a "reset button" ever meant that those major events now didn't even happen. It just means that whatever status quo change occurred got unchanged back to how it was originally.

So say Data is made the Chief Veterinary Officer of the Enterprise in an episode of TNG. The reset button would be him getting fired for accidentally killing one of Spot's kittens and made 2nd Officer again. It doesn't mean that history was erased and his time as CVO never happened. It just means that the old status quo is restored.
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