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Re: Sayings that you hate now

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Oh, and here's something I hate worse than those things: Pretentious wine talk.
Really? I find it hilarious!
It can be quite amusing. I'm actually working as an intern at a publishers this week, and there's some rather detailed books about wine and wine tasting on the schedule. I do find myself shaking my head slightly at the sheer intensity of the hobby, the enthusiasm with which distinctions are made and flowery language is employed, etc. And then I realize that the way these people look to me is the way I no doubt look to them regarding my popular sci-fi. They natter on about alcoholic drinks and I natter on about the social structure of Cardassians.

Still, I can't really fathom how someone has the time and opportunity to write a massive in-depth encyclopedia about wine variants in a particular region. How does that happen, even if you do have the hobby?
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