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Re: Those with LEGIT Voyager DVDs, please help

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But, with Blu-Rays, anything that is in 4:3 (Star Trek TNG, It's A Wonderful Life, Miracle On 34th Street) the image will be right in the center of the screen and surrounded on all 4 sides by black boxes because of the image being in a 16:9 matte.
No, you just make sure your settings are correct and it will display properly.
I've used a Blu-Ray player on a standard TV before. If its been encoded on the DVD or the Blu-Ray in 4:3 480i, then the 4:3 image will fill the entire screen. But if the image is on a Blu-Ray at 720p or higher it'll be shown as a little square in the center of the screen with black on all 4 sides, because there is no native HD 4:3 encoding. any movies or TV shows that were shot in 4:3 and are being put on Blu-Ray will be in a 16:9 anamorphic matte, but won't have information on the edges, so when they are played on a Standard def TV it will look just like the person's watching a widescreen movie, but there will be black all around.
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