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I'm just informing all of you, I might post far more than I need to. I might annoy everyone with rambling posts of unfocused, unrefined Trekbabble. Just a forewarning.

I'm a TNG fan. I grew up with the show. The first episode I saw on television that was brand new was The Best of Both Worlds, watching with my dad, and it blew me away. I was hooked. I ate up every last bit of Star Trek afterwards, from TOS to (eventually) Enterprise. I (unlike most) idolized Wesley. I wanted to be like him, despite the fact that I'm female. (I suppose if they went with Leslie instead of Wesley, I might have been that much more enraptured with the character, but in the end it really doesn't matter, I just loved the idea of a young person like myself kicking it with the adults and solving cosmic issues. In retrospect, Wesley was pretty annoying--of course he got better over time--but now, looking back as an adult, I still think he's perhaps unfairly hated. He's at the worst poorly written, I guess.)

Hello Minuet!
The Best of Both Worlds is one of my favourites too. The best episodes of any Star Trek, not just TNG. Well written, well acted, tense scary and sad.
So many great scenes, but a few of my favourites are when Picard is being Borged and you see him crying, when he comes on the viewscreen as Locutus, Worf and Data rescuing Picard/Locutus and when Data hooks himself up with the Borg.
On that note, it's funny, I actually never knew he was shedding a tear until I watched a high-quality DVD rip on my laptop years ago, and only then noticed it up close.
It's amazing the things you miss. I've seen most episodes umpteen times but there's still things I spot that I hadn't noticed before.

After I've watched the episodes a couple of times, the next time I watch it I always make a point of looking in the background to see what's going on, and at the main actors if they're not speaking but are in the shot to see their reaction to what's being said. For example, if Picard's speaking and Riker's also in the shot I'll look at Riker.

Another thing I've noticed by doing this is all the little movements Brent Spiner made. He really was fantastic as Data.
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