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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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"I hadn't thought of it as a shutter! Maybe it is a combo shutter/de-stresser?"
I'd like to think that Dr. Boyce's alcohol would be doing the de-stressing.
Well absolutely!

The circular briefing room (AKA "Briefing Lounge", according to WNMHGB) does inded lend itself nicely to being in the central location. Captain Robert April who used to post here had a similiar setup, if I recall correctly.
What makes less sense is that Pike's cabin is also mostly circular, what's with all the bloomin' circles? ...

As for Bele and Lokai's chase around Deck 3, that makes a lot more sense if Deck 3 is NOT in the teardrop section. Otherwise they'd practically run into each other on the first lap! The only issue is that means Deck 2 will have to be very tall - which could work, and Pike could still have his quarters there.

Thinking about it, my 2001 Enterprise plans did include the LTBYLB corridors in the teardrop section - I'll try and dig out a scan later today.
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